I will show you how easy it is to attach the Haftpunkt magnets – just in case you never used them before.

Haftpunkt is a magnetic system with the main focus to attach race numbers on runners or cyclists clothes. It is an alternative to safety pins for attaching race numbers. A Haftpunkt-Kit consists of 4 magnets (each one with an upper and a lower part). The upper part is attached on the outside and the lower part is attached on the inside of a textile. Mainly, Haftpunkte will be used by runners, who attach a number on their running shirt. Also cyclists might use Haftpunkt magnets on their jersey.

Each Haftpunkt comes in a plastic shell covering the inside magnet for protection. It is very easy to remove the Haftpunkt`s from the cardboard.

The first thing you probably want to do when you open your Haftpunkte is to see how strong they are. We can’t emphasize this enough: The magnet on the front should be kept separated from the back magnet. If you let the magnet on the back snap to the magnet on the front they could crack or break. So always be very careful with the two magnets.

magnetic race number attachment system – Please follow these steps to attach your number:

  • take your race bib and place it on your shirt in your prefered position.
  • Push the upper and lower part of the magnets against each other. Then take the top part of the Haftpunkt and put it on the top of the number, about where it needs to go.
  • Then take the lower part, grab under your shirt and take it towards the top magnet. You will notice how easy the magnets stick together.
  • Slide the Haftpunkt in the preferable position of your start number and repeat:
  • Pick up the 2nd set of Haftpunkt, slide upper and lower part against each other and repeat (Nr. 2-4). With the inside magnet under your shirt let the 2 snap together and slide into position.
    Repeat until your done.


After finishing your sports, take them off one by one and make sure the card is in between when attaching them back together. Attaching them on the card helps to keep them in place and easy to use. You’re going to love sparing your shirt from holes resulting from the use of a safety pin.

Team Haftpunkt

If you are already looking forward to your next competition, become part of our Haftpunkt running community. Meet like-minded people and prepare together for your next goal. You’ll never train alone – follow some of your friends to find out how and where they train and what routes they are taking regularly – and if your friends follow you, they can also motivate you and your achievements with kudos and comments.

Security Warnings for the use of Haftpunkt:

Warning: Haftpunkte (Magnets) are not toys! Make sure that children don’t play with magnets.

Warning: Magnets could affect the functioning of pacemakers and implanted heart defibrillators. If you wear one of these devices please keep a safety distance of at least 30cm to the Haftpunkte.

Warning: Haftpunkte should not get in touch with objects that can be affected by magnets. We advise you to keep safety distances if you use, for example credit cards, parking lot cards, mechanical watches, storage media, etc. Please see this table with security distances:

  • Credit Card: at least 5cm
  • Parking lot card: at least. 15cm
  • Pacemakers: at least 30cm
  • Mechanical watch: at least 15cm
  • Hearing aid: at least 10cm
  • Vehicle key: No impairment known
  • USB-Stick: No impairment known


Warning: Haftpunkte might interfere with some timing devices. We recommend the Haftpunkte not to place on the top of the timing device of your race bib.

Warning: The magnets contain nickel. Avoid perpetual skin contact with magnets, if you already have a nickel allergy.

Warning: Neodym magnets have a very strong adhesive force. If they are handled unsafe, it could cause jamming of fingers or skin in between the magnets. This might lead to contusions and bruises.

Warning: Neodymium magnets are brittle. Colliding magnets could crack. If you let the magnet on the back snap to the magnet on the front it could lead to them breaking. Sharp splinters could be catapulted away for several meters and injure your eyes.

To be on the safe side, we would like to point out that strong magnets can cause further serious effects, which, in our view, are particularly relevant in case of non-intended or unforeseeable use. Haftpunkte are made to attach your race bib. Scientific investigations in the past have shown that forces of permanent magnets are too weak to have a deleterious effect on the human organism, but these results may be differently assessed in future studies. In some cases magnets are even called for a healing effect. If you want to be on the safe side you should avoid permanent contact magnets and keep magnets at least one meter away from your body.